Macular Pucker Peel Surgery

Macular pucker surgery video

When vision deteriorates enough to where the patient can not function in their normal daily activities, a macular pucker peel surgery may be indicated.

What is macular pucker peel surgery?

The membrane peel surgery begins with a procedure called vitrectomy. A vitrectomy involves the retina surgeon removing the vitreous, the clear gel inside the eyeball – behind the iris and in front of and surrounding the retina.Macular pucker membrane peel The gel is sucked out of the inside of the globe with a tiny suction device equipped with tiny “scissors” that perform thousands of “cuts” per second.

After the vitreous has been removed, the surgeon uses tiny forceps to gently pick off and “peel” the membrane away from the retina surface. This process can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes and is very complex. The vitreous gel is replaced with a salt solution and the eye is closed.

Learn more about macular pucker peel surgery here.

See an animated vitrectomy surgery

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