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Published on August 9th, 2012 | by ddeupree

Cataract surgery does not influence dry macular degeneration

Macular degeneration patients having cataract surgery can rest assured

For years now, patients and ophthalmologists have questioned whether cataract surgery in a patient with early, dry macular degeneration (AMD) could worsen the condition to the point of converting to wet AMD – a more acute form of AMD.

Cataract surgery is needed when the lens gets an advanced cataractMost ophthalmologists, like Dr. Dana Deupree, a Clearwater, Florida retina specialist, were skeptical of there being even a small increase in the risk of developing wet AMD because of cataract surgery.

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A retrospective, controlled study was performed on the 1152 eyes of patients in a busy German cataract clinic. The patients chosen for the study were those who had been previously diagnosed with early AMD. The patients, who were followed for at least one year after surgery, had no significant increase in converting to wet macular degeneration than that of a control group that did not undergo cataract surgery.

This study seems to confirm a long-time belief that cataract surgery can and should be recommended in AMD patients who are experiencing significant vision decreases due to cataracts.

Other studies done since this one have confirmed that patients who suffer with AMD can also enjoy a significant improvement in vision after cataract surgery is performed.

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