Kenalog injection for macular edema

Kenalog injection for macular edema

Triamcinolone, or Kenalog, is a steroid medication that is commonly used to treat eye conditions like macular edema. Kenalog is commonly used instead of steroid eye drops, like Pred Forte.

Here are some facts and frequently asked questions about Kenalog injection. If you are having reduced vision or pain after any eye injection, you should call your eye doctor immediately.

Kenalog eye injectionAbout Kenalog

  • Kenalog is a steroid that has been used for decades in medicine.
  • Kenalog is typically used to reduce swelling inside the eye.
  • Intraocular (inside the eyeball) use of Kenalog has been proven to be quite safe.

What to expect after Kenalog injection

  • Most patients who receive a Kenalog injection will see floaters in their vision for a few days. These floating dark spots are from the medication actually drifting around inside your eye. The medication casts shadows on your retina and you see these as well.
  • Mild swelling, irritation, itching or redness in and around the eye for a day or two, is not uncommon.
  • On occasion, the eye can look blood-red following the injection. This is caused by a tiny leaking blood vessel in the “whites” of the eye.
  • If you were given an antibiotic eye drop to use, you should use it as directed, then discard the bottle when finished.

When to call your eye doctor

  • Floaters are normal after Kenalog injection. Suddenly decreased, very cloudy or dark vision is not normal. You should call your eye doctor immediately.
  • If you have any lasting pain or discomfort after Kenalog injection, you should call your eye doctor immediately.

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